Surah Yaseen - Read Online Surah Yaseen English Translation and Know About Surah Yasin and Its Benefits

What is Surah Yaseen

The meaning behind these characters Ya Sin, while being generally unknown, is being debated in the minds of Muslim religious scholars. One interpretation can be " O human being!" which refers to Muhammad because the verses following can be translated to "By the Qur'an, full of Wisdom, Thou art indeed one of the messengers".

Read Online Surah Yaseen Full

Surah Yaseen Full

Surah Yaseen Full

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Surah Yaseen Full Text

Benifits of Surah Yaseen Full

Surah Yaseen is a book with endless benefits for us in this world as well as in the afterlife. In particular, it is one of the most enlightening chapters in the Holy Quran in fact, is known as"The "Heart of the Holy Quran". In addition, it's the 36 eighth chapter in the Holy Quran that comprises 83 verses. In addition, it is extensively used to bless forgiveness, blessing, and many different purposes.

Surah Yaseen Benefits & Blessings

The Holy Quran is the religious book of Allah. Additionally being a source of inspiration, this Holy Quran has also known as the ultimate source of success. Actually, we use every single chapter of the Holy Quran for blessings and rewards. Surah Yaseen has unlimited virtues and virtues.

"It is believed to be the case by Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) that
"My heart desires that Surah Yaseen should be present in the heart of everyone of my ummah."

Spiritual Benefits

Each chapter in the Holy Quran has a special function. In particular, we utilize this Hoy Quran for healing against various ailments. In addition, Muslims are believers in an existence of an afterlife. Actually, Muslims focus on forgiveness and blessings for the afterlife in order to go to heaven. Surah Yaseen has numerous spiritual advantages in this world and in the afterlife.


"Prophet Muhammad SAW said, " If one sings Surah Yasin in the whole night simply trying to get Allah's direction, Allah Almighty would remove all of his wrongs. "

Many hadith show the fact that Surat Yaseen can be extremely effective to ask Allah forgiveness. As Muslims must follow the right path and keep ourself from sinful actions, and most importantly there isn't a 100% chance secure from mistakes, and that's why we're mandated to look for Allah forgiveness.

"On the benefits of forgiveness in Surah Yasin, our beloved Messenger Muhammad PBUH declared:

"Whoever recited Surah Yaseen at the night seeking Allah's approval, Allah would forgive him." Ibn Hibban Darimi 3283/A Abu Yala, Tabarani, Baihaqi and Mardawaih."


"Whoever reads Surah Yaseen, Allah rewards him that is equal to that of reading the whole Quran." Tirmidhi 2812/A"

Our faith is in the resurrection and that it will reward us for our good deeds that will ensure our success in the next life. There are certain chapters and passages from the Holy Quran which have glorious rewards. Surat Yaseen is also a significant rewards in the afterlife , for the recitation of it and for many other great things from Allah as well.

"Whoever recites Yaseen once, Allah will record the reward of reciting the Quran ten times." (Tirmidhi 2812/A)"

Easiness during death

Death is the most difficult and challenging time for everyone. We also consider that the death process is real and that we must return to Allah. It's also extremely painful, and even the Messengers of Allah. Surah Yaseen can also help us when we die and lessens the suffering of dying. We pray that Allah be merciful to us for our transgressions. Ameen.

"Eases Death" Death Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated:

"Recite Yaseen on those who are dying." Sanan Abi Dawud"

Materialistic Benefits

Today humans are living in a constant race and is constantly challenged to meet his requirements. We as Muslims consider that all resources and power is granted by Allah. We need to put in the effort but we must also rely on the prayers from Allah to ensure that Allah Almighty will meet our needs on a regular basis.

"Reported in the writings of Ata Bin Abi Riibaah, that the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said;

"Whoever reads Surah Yaseen at the beginning of the day, all his needs for that day would be fulfilled."

What could be more exciting than the fact than the fact that Allah is the sole source of everything you require if you go through Surat Yaseen regularly in the early morning?

"Prophet Muhammad SAW declared, "Whoever recites Surah Yasin at the time of early morning, Allah Almighty will take the responsibility of meeting his requirements."

Shield Against Enemies

We think that Surah Yaseen is a powerful prayer because its recitation is able to protect from the wrath of enemies. In addition, it helps to overcome the fear of everything. In fact, Surah Yaseen aids the prisoner and helps him be released with the repetition of Surah Yaseen.

Health Benefits

Health is definitely wealth. To live a fortunate life, Of course, we need good health. As Muslims also believe that Allah Almighty will grant us health. There are many unknown illnesses and conditions that could harm our bodies. Of course, we require proper treatment, however Surah Yaseen's spiritual guidance can help us fight against diseases. Find out further regarding how health advantages can be gained from studying The Holy Quran.

If you suffer from any health problem or health problem that is major Surah Yaseen is extremely efficient. In addition, it helps solve all the issues in the world. The most important thing is that its powerful wazifs could help patients fight off unknown illnesses as well.

Benefits On The Day Of Judgment

Allah has chosen us to serve in his worship. We , as Muslims realize that we are responsible to Allah for all our actions. Most importantly. We should also ask Allah's forgiveness and pray for His blessings and forgiveness to succeed on the day of the judgment as well.

"The person who says Sura E Yaseen his status is elevated both in the present and the next one too. Sura E Yaseen is known as "Raafi'ah Khaafidhah".

Allah will grant special rewards and blessings upon the time of judgement for the recitation of Surah Yaseen.

"The person who recites and memorizes Surah Yaseen will be in the shadow of Allah's Blessings."

Special Wazaif Of Surah Yaseen

Most importantly , Surah Yaseen will provide humans with numerous advantages and blessings. This Surah fulfills all positive demands and requirement of the reader. There are many specific wazifs comprised in Surah Yaseen, which meet a myriad of requirements too. We pray that Allah ensure that we are a regular reader of Surah Yaseen.

These are extremely efficient for everyday requirements. Actually, it helps with health issues as well. The most important thing is that a specific wazifs are available for issues related to marriage and children. Actually, it could protect you from enemies and worry.

In the end, you can make use of this Surah to solve any issue that you face in this world. It's among the best benefits of Allah and everyone Muslim should study and repeat the Surah Yaseen on a regular basis. It is actually extremely beneficial for forgiveness and blessings.

English Translation of Surah Yaseen

In The Name Of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

  1. Ya Seen.
  2. It is my belief to the Quran filled with understanding.
  3. Then likely, you are one of those who are messengers.
  4. on the right way.
  5.  An reveal of the Mighty, the generous.
  6. It is possible that you could warn people who's fathers weren't advised, therefore they are insensitive.
  7. Absolutely the claim has been proven to be true in the majority of cases and they don't believe it.
  8. It is certain We've put chains on their necks. These chains extend to their chins, and they are able to raise their heads high.
  9. and We've put in front of them a wall and a wall behind them. we have covered them to make sure they don't look at.
  10. and it's the same regardless of whether they are warned or tell them not to do so: They do not trust you.
  11. You are only able to warn someone who is a follower of the message and is frightened of the Merciful Allah in the dark; declare to him the forgiveness of Allah and a prestigious rewards.
  12. Absolutely We bring life to dead people, and we note down the things they have left behind and their footprints. We have written everything down in clean document.
  13. and gave them an example of the residents in the town when messengers appeared to it.
  14. If We gave them two messages, they rebuffed each of them, and then We bolstered (them) by sending an additional one, so they replied: We are your messengers.
  15. Then they declared: You are nothing as mortals just like us and neither has the great Allah given any revelations; you lie only.
  16. The scribes declared"Our Lord recognizes that you are the messengers you need to.
  17. and there is nothing that can be attributed to us other than an unambiguous delivery (of this message).
  18. Then they told us: We will surely bring bad things for you. If you don't abstain and stop us from executing our orders, we will surely be able to stone you and will be with a sour rebuke to the rest of us.
  19. They told them"Your evil luck is upon you What happens If you're reminded! Nay, you are an extravagant people.
  20. And in the far reaches of the city came one who was running. He told his people"O my people! Follow the messengers;
  21.  Be faithful to the one who doesn't ask for a reward They are the ones who are following the right way;
  22. What reason do I have to not serve the God who created me? and to Him you will be redeemed;
  23. What! will I choose to do in addition to His gods, whose prayers should the benevolent Allah wishes to inflict me with harm, they will not help me in any way and neither will they be able to help me?
  24. in this case, I will most likely be in error:
  25. Absolutely I believe in God Therefore, listen to my voice.
  26. The story goes: Come into the garden. He said: It would have been great have known that my people knew
  27. From which my Lord has forgave me , and has made me part of the most prestigious people!
  28. and We did not pour down on his people after his death any host from heaven, nor do we ever send any hosts down.
  29. It was nothing other than a single cry and then they were.
  30. Oh, the servants! They do not have an agent, but they laugh at the messenger.
  31.  Does anyone really think about how many generations we have lost before them, since they are not able to choose to follow the Lord?
  32. And they all will be presented to us.
  33. and the sign for their dead Earth we breathe life into it and give it the ground grain SQ that they eat from the.
  34. and We create therein gardens of grapevines and palms, and we make springs be released from it.
  35. So that they could eat the fruit of the tree but their hands didn't make it. Will they not afterwards be grateful?
  36. All praise goes to the One who created pairs of everything from what the earth produces, of their type and the things they don't know.
  37. The symbol for them is dark night. We pull out through it the light, and then it is dark, and they're in darkness;
  38. and the sun goes on until an appropriate term and that is the order that is the Mighty and the Knowledge.
  39.  and (as as) The moon. we have set it up to go through phases until it is again like a dead palm branch.
  40.  isn't allowed to the sun that it would take over the moon, nor could the night surpass the day, and then all are floating on within an elongated globe.
  41. A indication they receive is we have their offspring on the ship that is loaded.
  42. and We've created for them an equivalent of it, which they can use to ride.
  43. Then, If We choose we can drown them, there will be no aid for them, nor will they be saved.
  44. Yet (by) grace from Us and for pleasure for a while.
  45. and when it's said to them: Keep your eyes open to what's in front of you, and behind you, in order that mercy could be offered to your behalf.
  46. Then they don't receive an announcement of the messages of their Lord, but they turn away from the message.
  47. and when it is stated to them"Spend the wealth Allah has provided you with The ones who doubt tell those who believe: Should us feed whomever is hungry, should Allah wills, He would feed? There is no other way to tell if you are in clearly in mistake.
  48. Then they claim"When does this threat actually occur in the event that you are honest?
  49. They do not wait for long, just a single scream that will sweep them away even as they battle each other.
  50. Thus, they will not be able to create a bequest, nor can be able to return their estates their estates to family members.
  51. The trumpet will be blown when , lo! They will rise from their graves and rush to their Lord.
  52. They will be saying: Woe to us! Who has brought us up from our slumber? That's what the Beneficent Allah said, and the messengers confirmed it.
  53. There will be only one cry, and then they will all be brought before us;
  54. Therefore, this day , no soul will be treated unjustly or in any way and you will not be awarded anything other than that you've done.
  55. the inhabitants of the garden will on that day be completely content.
  56. as well as their wives are in shades, lying on couches that are raised.
  57. will be able to harvest their fruits and they will be able to be able to enjoy whatever they want.
  58. Peace A word from a God of Mercy.
  59. and take a break today, O the guilty one!
  60. Didn't I tell you, o the children of Adam! to not be serving the Shaitan? You must be aware that he is your most direct enemy,
  61. and that you must serve Me This is the proper method.
  62. And surely he took many innocent people within you. What! can you possibly not understand?
  63. This describes how the threat was made to you.
  64. You must enter in it today because you were skeptical.
  65.  Noon the day we set the seal on their mouths. Their hands will speak to us and their feet will be a witness to the amount they have achieved.
  66. and If we were asked, We will certainly open their eyes. They will be scurrying around looking for a way to see, but how would they look?
  67. and If We wish, We will definitely transform them in their place, they will not be able to continue and neither will they be able to be able to return.
  68. Also, whoever we cause to live a long time, We cut him down (him) to a deplorable state of constitution. Can they not understand?
  69. and we haven't taught him poetry and it is not suitable for him. It's only a reminder, and an uncomplicated Quran,
  70. It is believed that it could warn someone who has life that (that) the words could be proved true for those who are not believers.
  71. Can they realize the fact that We have made cattle for them, based on the work of Our hands which is why they can be their own masters?
  72. and We've forced them to them, which means that they are some to ride on, while some of them are eaten.
  73. and there are advantages and beverages; won't they be thankful?
  74. and they've worshipped gods in addition to Allah in order to be assisted.
  75. (But) the (75) will not be able to aid them, and they will be a host who is brought up in front of the host.
  76. So do not let their speech irritate you. We surely know the things they do behind closed doors and also what they do publicly.
  77. Do you not recognize that God has created him from a tiny seed? Then , oh! there is a open contestant.
  78. And he draws out a similarity to Us and loses sight of the very thing he created. He asks: Who will bring life to bones once they're in decay?
  79. Speak"He'll give them life. He is the one who created them initially and He is the creator of the whole creation
  80. The One Who created for you the flame (to ignite) from the tree of green to help you can ignite (fire).
  81. Isn't He Who made the heavens and the earth in a position to make a similar universe as them? Yea! and He is the creator (of all) The Knower.
  82. The Lord's directive, when He is planning something, is to tell it"Be as that it will be.
  83. Thus all glory to Jesus, Whose hand reigns the Kingdom of everything and to Him you'll be returned


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