Ireland - The Emerald Isle

  Ireland - The Emerald Isle About Ireland   Without question, Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. places on the planet for visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the environment and culture thoroughly. Ireland has established itself as a cultural hotspot, with excellent music and literature being produced regularly. Consequently, visitors may enjoy a wide range of performances, concerts, and art events, as well as trekking and exposure to magnificent landscapes, old ruins, and charming folklore.  If you want to look out over an expansive valley with nothing but the wind wailing in your ear, a backpack on your shoulders, and adventure on the horizon, book a trip to Ireland. History of Ireland  Ireland's history has long been seen as a lonely, distant, and isolated backwater, located just off a much bigger island (Britain) to the northwest of the European continent. This is far from the case historically. Sea-lanes have been necessary as much as land ro